After Colorado fully legalised cannabis in 2012, Heidi Keyes saw an opportunity to combine her two loves; cannabis and art by creating art classes that use cannabis to help people find their inner artist.

She wanted to create a space where people could smoke marijuana and create art “I originally started Puff, Pass & Paint in 2014 at the beginning of recreational cannabis legalization in Colorado. I have my degree in Fine Art and was working as an artist, and have always been a cannabis user and passionate about legalization,” says Heidi.

Weed has long been cited as a substance that aids creativity. So what is the connection between art and cannabis? “I’ve always personally experienced a creative boost from cannabis, as I feel it helps you relax into enjoying the process of making art and not just creating a finished product, which is a very enjoyable and therapeutic thing,” says Heidi. “A friend suggested, as a joke, that I start one of those ‘wine and painting classes…but with weed’, and so I started having small sessions at my home studio because it was something I genuinely enjoyed and believed in.”

After beginning in Colorado, the classes have spread to Oregon, Nevada, California and Washington, D.C. “The classes quickly exploded and I had to move into a new and larger space in Denver, and in October of 2015, I merged PP&P with Colorado Cannabis Tours to create,” Heidi explains. “We now have 6 different locations around the country; Denver, Oakland, Washington DC, Portland, Los Angeles, and Orange County, and offer many different art classes like Puff, Pass & POTtery, Puff, Pass & Pastry, our Original Cannabis Tour, Bay Area Wine & Weed tours, 4:20-friendly lodging, vape and nail rentals, and more.”