Famed artist Leonardo Di Vinci’s artwork Salvator Mundi was painted in 1500 and discovered in 2005. The piece which depicts Jesus Christ, has been auctioned at Christie’s in New York for a record breaking $450 Million.

Leonardo is widely considered to be a genius and a Renaissance Man whose knowledge spanned many areas including architecture, literature, mathematics and of course painting. His legacy and life’s work has been consistent in world art, literature and education, leading one of his pieces to sell for a price that would even shock him if he were alive.

Described as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime sale,’ the painting was sold alongside art pieces that are considered contemporary art which usually refers to art produced by artists living today. The auction highlights the relevance that Da Vinci has in the modern world to even be considered remotely contemporary, after all, the painting is just over 500 years old.

The sales figure is so shocking that some experts believe that it’s not even the original, suggesting that it could have been painted by Italian artist Giovanni Boltraffio. Regardless, the phenomenal sale proves that, artistically Da Vinci’s influence reigns and most likely will do for years to come.