Guantánamo Bay still holds 41 detainees who have been introduced to art classes during their time in the prison. Through this, they have created some incredible works that were debuted in a New York exhibition entitled ‘Ode to the Sea: Art from Guantánamo Bay.’ The exhibition became noticed by the U.S. military who have now suspended the transport of art for display out of the prison.

During Obama’s presidency, he promised to close the prison, that has been a cause for concern by human rights group Amnesty International. During the time when he was president, 730 prisoners have left Guantánamo Bay. It was under his administration, the art classes began, aiming to keep prisoners busy and from going insane.

A lot of the art created by prisoners has already been destroyed over the years, with the military gaining access to it and seizing it. The art exhibited at John Jay College in New York City was recently claimed as being government property by the Department of Defense, giving prisoners no rights to it.

As well as this, the artwork has caused much offense, with people feeling outraged at the thought of being able to purchase art from suspected terrorists. Others believe, that by destroying the artworks, the last bit of humanity that the detainees have is taken away. As long as they are being viewed as evil, they are unable to have any type of communication with the public and society.