The most expensive painting in the world has seen a replica made of it by Swedish furniture giant Ikea. In response to the eye watering $450 Million sale, the shopping brand decided to create their own Salvatore Mundi, noting that you can buy 15 million of their popular Billy Bookcases for the price of the da Vinci painting.

In partnership with advertising brand Acne, Ikea have created their own, cheaper version of the Salvatore Mundi. But, why? Creative director at Ikea Creative Hub, Morten Kjaer mentions how “At Ikea, we believe anyone should have the possibility to decorate their home without spending their life savings. That’s why Ikea offers a range of frames that work with any photo, print or painting you want to show off, even those from the 1490s.”

So the replica of the famed painting is simply house decoration for Ikea. Acne’s creative director Johan Bello noted how “We reacted to the Christie’s sale in a way people have come to expect from Ikea—a clever post on social media that throws a friendly punch at the art world by highlighting Ikea’s affordable prices.”