TeamLab inventively blur the lines between art viewer and art creator in one of their latest art exhibitions entitled ‘Living Digital Forest and Future Park.’ Sounding like something out of a vivid dream, the latest project from the art collective sees visitors immerse themselves in an interactive art experience with a digital garden, floating flowers, forest animals and dazzling light sculptures.

Flower Forest: Lost, Immersed and Reborn teamLab, 2017, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

Exhibition goers can also create their own artwork and then see it immediately reflected and displayed around them as well as using their smartphones to send commands to change the artworks that surround them. Forming in 2001, the group label themselves as ‘ultra-technologists’ and consist of 500 clever programmers, engineers and artists that blend art, science and technology.

TeamLab have produced many magnificently innovative installations including combining cuisine with art with an interactive restaurant interior that changes with the seasons and ‘DMM Planets: World of Wonders’, that used minuscule LED lights suspended in the air, vivid 3D flowers projected onto the walls and black pillows of air for people to be lifted up on.

Crystal Universe teamLab, 2015, Interactive Installation of Light Sculpture, LED, Endless, Sound: teamLab

‘Crystal Universe’ was another standout installation for the collective. It emulated the image of a galaxy, where exhibition goers became the sun for the universe to orbit around based on their real time movements.

The installation ‘Transcending Boundaries’ saw a digital waterfall flow down the exhibition space, with the water spilling across the floor and parting at the feet of the audience as well as flying butterflies and growing flowers that died when touched by someone’s hand.

Chrysanthemum Tiger teamLab, 2017, Digital Work, single channel, 5 min 20 sec x 3

TeamLab’s art installations represent a new wave of post digital art by adding interactivity between the viewer and the art work. Their creations use emotion and beauty to invite spectators into a world that they can immerse themselves into and co create.

The exhibition will run until October 10th in Beijing before it moves to Shenzhen in the south.