In a time of Brexit here in the UK, and the election of President Trump in the US, Nasty Women aims to stand up for the basic human rights and values of equality, fairness and compassion. Named after the time Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’ in the run up to the presidential election, the exhibition focuses on the current state of the world.

Nasty Women Exhibition at Knockdown Center, New York

The first Nasty Women event was held in New York from the 12th – 15th January 2017 at Knockdown Center in New York. It displayed work by females and gender-non-conformists and raised more than $42,000 for Planned Parenthood. Since then 40 exhibitions have taken place across the USA and now the showcase takes London.

In a time where there’s plenty to fight for, the initiative has received a massive response from both female artists wishing to collaborate and the public. It highlights global issues such as sexual harassment, sexism and abortion rights and aims to demonstrate solidarity among artists.

Curated by Paige Megan Hawley, a London based photographer and curator who works with themes of feminism and women’s rights and Rejane Bidi, a fine art photographer and curator in partnership with Creative Debuts, the exhibit will take place on Thursday 21st September to mark the International Day of Peace.

Paige saw the various Nasty Women exhibitions held worldwide when she was inspired to bring the showcase to London, aiming to raise awareness for Rape Crisis England and Women For Women. She notes that “photography is a way of feeling and expressing. Capture the emotion, develop from the negatives, stop the process, move forward by fixing the situation with a piece of art.”

The exhibition will be held at the Black & White Building in Shoreditch, London from 21st September 2017 – 24th September 2017. Money raised from the event will be used to support Rape Crisis UK and Women for Women.

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