A painting displayed at Neue Pinakothek, a museum of 18th and 19th century art in Munich, depicts a woman seemingly holding a smartphone which is rather strange as the picture was painted in 1860.

Entitled ‘The Expected One,’ the painting by Austrian painter Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller portrays a young woman walking through the woods looking unaware of a possible suitor holding a rose just a short walk in front of her. She is unaware of the young man as she’s preoccupied with a slim, rectangular object in her hands. An object that’s instantly familiar to us all.

The ‘iPhone’ in the painting was recognised and shared by gallery visitor Peter who instantly thought that the image was strange and shared it on Twitter. Apparently, the item in the woman’s hand is a little prayer book, it’s just hard for us to see it that way as we’re so used to that body language being used to scroll down our social media newsfeeds. It isn’t the first painting that’s caught attention for supposedly representing modern technology in a time way before it was invented. This Native American man looks like he’s also engrossed in his smart phone in this painting from 1937.