After placing first in the EYES art competition, fifteen-year-old George talks about how his magical creations fuse reality with fantasy to produce unique works of art.

Who are the women that you draw?

 I choose photos from Pinterest or other social media and then create different characters out of them by drawing new faces. Lana Del Rey is my biggest inspiration.

What is your drawing process from start to finish?

First I sit down with my paints and brushes in front of me, I switch on my favourite music, then I begin to draw and after a few hours I stop drawing. I do this every time, until I complete my work.

Do you draw entirely from your head or do you have images in front of you to reference?

Actually, I do use references but I also use my imagination. I combine both of these sources into one piece because it’s pretty hard to draw something when you’re a beginner.

Your powerful colour palettes bring out the beauty of a woman’s facial features, does make up artistry interest you?

I don’t like makeup and always try to draw ordinary faces in a natural way. I really love the beauty of women, that they already have.

What inspires the element of fantasy in your work?

I draw many things in one picture, like women’s faces, stars, galaxies, and anything that I find useful for my work.

Where do you plan to take your art in the future?

 I think that today the art is my hobby. I’ll do this forever because it’s in my soul and I can’t give it up but it isn’t my future career, I mean I don’t want to only focus on drawing as I have other interests in my life too.