Fashion is a mystery to me dear readers. I don’t dress to impress, more throw it on and hope for the best. Yet style plays a key role on the catwalk of this week’s movie news.

From elegant period tailoring and superhero spandex to fairy tale imagery and haunted houses. Whatever the season, film is always in vogue. Let’s strike a pose and strut towards our first story…



An intriguing trailer for Daniel Day-Lewis‘s last film has been released. Phantom Thread sees the veteran chameleon play a dressmaker in Fifties London, whose glamorous veneer masks a dark secret and stifling obsession. Paul Thomas Anderson writes and directs – the project reunites the pair from There Will Be Blood.

If the star is to actually retire as announced, this doesn’t look like a bad note to end on. Personally I find the acclaimed Anderson’s work a bit patchy – Boogie Nights I like, The Master however was one of the most irritating and pointless films I’ve ever seen… and I’m not even a Scientologist!

Lesley Manville and Vicky Krieps share the screen with Day-Lewis’s fanatical fabric handler. Watch him lose his rag below:

Phantom Thread is out Christmas Day.



Whatever your view on the Marvel movie machine, you’ve got to admit they certainly can cast a villain. Hugo Weaving, James Spader, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Bridges… those guys sure know their evil onions. The list of powerful foes is growing all the time and the roster’s about to get a little more distinguished, with reports Rogue One nemesis Ben Mendelsohn is wanted for Captain Marvel.

The characterful actor worked with that movie’s directors – Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck – on Mississippi Grind alongside Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, so signs are positive. Brie Larson stars in the comic book adaptation, playing pilot Carol Danvers, whose DNA gets a reordering during a calamitous Air Force flight. If confirmed, Mendelsohn would probably face off against her as an alien Skrull.



Jennifer Jason Leigh is in the new Amityville flick. It’s true! Not sure how it happened but they’re damned lucky to have her. This development made me realize how many quality actors have unexpectedly appeared in horror franchise sequels. Check out the terrifying talent.



Fantasy director Guillermo Del Toro has been discussing his future with journalists as part of FICM. The movie magician who brought us Pan’s Labyrinth, the Hellboy movies and now The Shape Of Water is always closely-watched by the industry. He revealed he’s taking a year off instead of going on a Fantastic Voyage as anticipated, but also provided some titbits as to forthcoming projects.

Most notable of these for me was Silver, his long-gestating wrestler vs vampires film with a satirical twist: the blood-suckers are all politicians! Del Toro says he is being urged to complete the script by none other than Gravity‘s Alfonso Cuarón. Whether this means he’ll be on megaphone duties while Del Toro handles the story remains to be seen.

More details on the talk can be found here.



Finally, and just in time for Halloween weekend, we have the trailer for Winchester: The House That Ghosts Built. This seems like yet another high concept chill-fest, though with a difference… it’s based on the true story of Winchester House, a puzzle box of a mansion built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester gun-making empire.

Helen Mirren plays the grieving widow and Jason Clarke the poor soul trying to make sense of all the creaks and crevices. There’s solid support from the excellent Sarah Snook, who works again with Predestination directors The Spierig Brothers. Their current release is Jigsaw, but this offering looks less torture room and more tea room. Get historical, or just hysterical, below:


Winchester takes aim at the box office in February.


I’ll be back with more movie news next week!


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