Fan-produced versions of popular franchises are nothing new in the world of movies. From humble beginnings they’ve become an industry in themselves, albeit unofficially: the term “Bootleg Universe” is applied to the likes of The Punisher: Dirty Laundry, which saw Thomas Jane return to the title role in 2012. That production set a new standard of what exactly an independently-resourced fan film could achieve.

Which brings me to Never Hike Alone. Director Vincente DiSanti of Womp Stomp Films has been busy raising a hefty $19,000 via Kickstarter to ensure his dream (or should that be nightmare!) of a Friday The 13th tribute flick goes ahead. And after securing that target, he’s released the nerve-jangling results.

Using the tried and tested style of a found footage fright-fest, the plot follows a vlogger (Andrew Leighty) who gets more than tick bites on a visit to the infamous Camp Crystal Lake. Mass murderer and hockey mask rocker Jason Vorhees is lurking with his rusty blades to give Leighty a shoot he’ll never forget. DiSanti himself plays Vorhees, with veteran franchise star Thom Mathews joining the mayhem.

The short (55 mins) has caused a buzz worthy of Leatherface’s chainsaw and with the official Friday The 13th series in limbo, the movie makes a nice stopgap for those awaiting Jason’s return.

Never Hike Alone is available to view online and had its premiere at the 8th Annual Telluride Horror Show. Enter the woods below:


Source: Dread Central