This year he played a hardened bank robber (Baby Driver) and a seductive hologram (Marjorie Prime). However finely-tailored Jon Hamm isn’t going to stop there when it comes to distancing himself from iconic role Don Draper. He’s ditching the Brylcreem and venturing into snowy territory for new fright flick Off Season.

It’s been adapted from the short film of the same name by original writer/director Jonathan van Tulleken. Informed by van Tulleken’s experience of the icy Canadian tundra, the result grabbed the industry’s attention like a polar bear snatching at an off-guard fish.

The plot concerns a man’s nail-biting search for his lost father in the frostbite-inducing wilderness. Of course this isn’t a case of a simple disappearance and the more the son looks, the scarier the picture gets. Plenty of opportunities for the immaculate Mr Hamm to become dishevelled, if such a thing is even imaginable!

Here’s the BAFTA-nominated Off Season short on Vimeo to give you an idea of what to expect:

Off Season from Joe Randall-Cutler on Vimeo.

The feature length version starts shooting early next year.


Source: Deadline