The last thing I think of in connection with the words “Instagram model” is “work”. (Mind you, as an opinion-spouting journo I’m no coal miner myself!) However the photogenic Kyle Krieger blows those perceptions out of the water, via his first short film.

Boyfriend shows two healthy-looking guys (Indar Smith and Jake Wilson) having a chance encounter on the streets of Hollywood. Very much a first world scenario, yet as the connection between them deepens a sad truth is revealed which sprinkles a dose of salt on this seemingly frothy confection.

Krieger describes his motivations for creating the piece:

“I… was attracted at the newness and flirtation of a new acquaintance… This film is just a glimpse into those emotions and that process.”

He made the short as his film school entry and on this evidence he’s got a decent grasp of the medium. A striking image is that of a multitude of padlocks on a wire fence, presented as the new friends go on a picturesque walk together.

The acting and production won’t cause the big hitters to lose any sleep but there’s an atmosphere of tenderness here and it does put you inside the lives of these two seemingly perfect men who have it all. It demonstrates there’s more to the director than what you may perceive of him. Indeed, his social media page reads: “Being popular on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly money,” so at least he has a sense of humour about it.

Here’s the film, which is just shy of six minutes:


Sources: Gay Times, YouTube