New Zealand has been a major part of the moviemaking landscape for the past twenty years, thanks to Peter Jackson‘s Lord Of The Rings trilogy and other exciting productions. However a lesser-known, but in many ways more important, side of the industry has been happening in documentaries, courtesy of Loading Docs.

The initiative, founded in 2014, develops 3 min films from submissions by local talent. Varying in subject matter and tone, the finished ten movies are then made available for free in anthology form via their website.

2017 sees ‘diversity’ chosen as the overarching theme. Loading Docs describe their output as “stories of sex, death, love, loss, hope, friendship, culture and identity”. This year’s anthology aims to “provoke, inspire and awaken curiosity”.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s take a look at one of the most visually arresting pieces, titled Luckie Strike. Named after a formidable cave network, the short focuses on two friends who explore the subterranean world without so much as a CGI goblin in sight:

Directed by Melissa Nickerson and produced by Craig Gainsborough, the end result captures a snapshot of an amiable and intrepid pair who like nothing better than to coat themselves in mud crawling under stalactites. Elsewhere you can discover tales of pensioners who build their own coffins and a new take on rugby.

What’s great about Loading Docs is not only the breadth of content but also the bite-sized presentation. It’s a real testament to the short form and well worth a visual rummage.

For more films and an interview with Luckie Strike‘s creators, go to the Loading Docs website.


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