While you may think the selfie has given our cultural landscape more egomania than insight, you could be surprised to learn a renowned psychiatrist believes otherwise. The likes of Eliza Dooley – as played by Karen Gillan, above – have their face all over social media. But is it purely self-promotion, or is this evolving medium capable of saying something profound?

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein has moved from prognosis to production, shooting award-winning shorts such as Secrets, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film. Below is Dr. Holstein’s Angst, to give you an idea of how she uses the format:

Angst, A Coming of Age Selfie Film from Barbara Holstein on Vimeo.

The “Positive Psychologist” and filmmaker hopes to utilize selfie films so they can empower people who feel oppressed by media negativity. She highlights Monica Lewinsky‘s much-publicized #clickwithcompassion campaign against cyber bullying as an example of the work she wants to support.

With that in mind, Dr. Holstein has launched selfiefilmmakers.com, a dedicated site welcoming submissions from all sections of society. As her press release explains…

From the depths of our souls to the lightest touch of humor, a new wave of filmmakers are exploring being human, being alive, sharing thoughts and feelings in a new way, and discovering all sorts of stories and plots they wish to tell and share via their smart phones.

It’s hoped this new venture will create a higher purpose for the selfie, moving it away from current social perceptions. Best of all, it’s a great starting point for those wanting to express themselves who might feel intimated by the logistics of media production.


For more information read the full press release. Visit the site to enter your video here.