When filmmakers loses filmmaking competitions they sit in their houses and cry, licking their wounds privately or screaming about it on YouTube before re-emerging to take on the movie world with renewed vigour… either that or they jack it all in to become estate agents. Not that I’m speaking with any degree of experience you understand… I became a journalist, but that’s another story.

Gillian Horvat (above) had possibly experienced similar emotions as an budding helmer. However when she went to enter the famous Jameson Whiskey ‘First Shot’ contest she devised a unique way to avoid those rejection blues: she opted not to enter the thing in the first place. Instead she rebelled against its restrictions, writing, producing and directing an artistic response to the corporate sector that John Waters would be proud of.

In Whiskey Fist, Chase Williamson plays Justin, a young corporate go-getter on the ladder to the top. His drunken encounter with the attractive but sexually-warped Whiskey Fairy (Lacey Dorn) leads to a not-strictly-practical use for a booze bottle which results in aspiring misogynist Justin becoming pregnant, finding himself at the epicentre of an inferno level hot potato once pro-life campaigners get involved. Or to use the director’s own brilliant quote: “magical realism ensues”!

“I make films or movies or smut or whatever you want to call it, and I do it because I want people to feel shit, not to sell shit,” Horvat commented on her Kickstarter-funded satire.

It’s the latest step in a promising career for the young filmmaker, whose previous short Kiss Kiss Fingerbang starred the late Anton Yelchin and won the Jury Prize at SXSW. Jameson could either be bemused or appalled by the outrageous offshoot their endeavours have inspired. Either way, you aren’t going to forget Whiskey Fist in a hurry.

Watch the film below, though you may need a drink afterwards…!



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