Thank the sweet lord, it’s payday. Bank balances across the nation are
enjoying a much needed boost and it’s time to splash out on everything from takeaways to trainers.
But have you got the funds to land a piece of pop history? Well it’s been a busy week for cash flashing collectors. A pair of high heels worn by Prince on his 1987 Sign o’ The Times tour were snapped up for £56,000 while George Harrison’s old sitar fetched a tasty £46,500.
With fans desperate to nab a slice of their idols, it looks like you really can get money for old rope (or even boots). With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of the priciest pieces in pop history.

Jimi Hendrix’s Guitar

Heralded as one of the finest guitarists of all time, Jimi Hendrix is an undisputed musical legend. So when one of his famously restrung Fender Stratocasters (Hendrix was left handed) was put up for sale in 1994, collectors were willing to pay big bucks for a true piece of rock n roll history.
The guitar eventually sold for $330,000 (£250,000) which in today’s market would equate to nearly half a million dollars. This may sound like a lot but in comparison to some of the other pieces on this list, it’s an absolute bargain.

Sgt. Pepper’s Drumskin

As the biggest band of all time, it’s no surprise to see the Beatles make an appearance on this list. The drumskin featured in the iconic cover of their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band alongside a host of famous faces including Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe.
The drum itself was hand painted by artist Joe Ephgrave and when put up for auction in 2008 fetched over half a million quid. Unfortunately, drumsticks were not included.
Funnily enough, John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for Sgt. Pepper’s final track A Day in the Life made even more of a killing. An American collector parted with $1.3 million (£970,000) for the Lennon penned paper.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller Suit

One of the most iconic outfits in cultural history, MJ’s red Thriller suit was sure to fetch a fortune. The red and black jacket worn by the king of pop to teach zombies how to dance went up for grabs in 2011.

Though the auction featured other pieces from the likes of Madonna and Elvis Presley, it was Jacko’s jacket that broke the bank. Coming in at a staggering $1.8 million (£1.35 million), it smashed the expected fee of $400,000. That’s all well and good but imagine the dry cleaning bill.
Fancy nabbing Kanye’s car keys? Or maybe Gaga’s garters? Which piece of pop memorabilia would you most want to pinch? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @ArtKompetes.